Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Draft of A Prophetic Calling 

On 10/15/11, I dreamt I was driving west from Philadelphia. I suddenly ran into a mountain that had patches of snow on it. I felt I had reached a destination, but without a home.

Then I was at a house in Philly, down the street from where I used to live and inside that house was a family I knew and was friends with. The next door neighbor's kid had wondered over to the house, a little blonde haired girl about the age of 3 and was throwing pebbles or small sticks at the window to get the attention of a friend she had inside the house. The Mother of the child I once knew, came over to get her child to take her back home. I knew this woman to once be a very beautiful blonde haired lady, but then, saw in her face, as she grabbed her little girl, deep wrinkles, as though she had greatly aged.

Then the door opened and out came all the children and people from the house I was at. I was having an important conversation with some of the adults in the small circle I was with. I looked on the porch and sitting cross legged was the center of attention, someone in the family. I thought, why are they the center of attention, as though the person was posing with wisdom and everyone went to him for counseling, almost Hindu guru like in pose, though not really idolized, but kinda like a pastor getting a bit too much credit or attention.

Then the dream switched and I was at a dept store looking for shoes. I briefly looked around the store myself. I had to wait for some time to get a shoe salesman to help me find the right shoes, the location of where to find them in the store. I told him I had to look for a pair that was durable and waterproof, a sneaker but was durable like a shoe. So he proceeded with me around the store. The first shoes he showed me were some heavy duty sandal type shoes. I told him they would not work. We kept looking and came upon an enclosed display of shoes, which looked to me like it had the pair I needed in there. The shoe salesman said he would have to ask the owners of this display to get it opened and tried to call upstairs to get to someone who would open the display, but no one answered. Then we continued around the store. The salesman showed me another set of durable sandals. No shoe he showed me was what I asked for and needed for the job.

Then I was in a new part of the mall where there was detailed artsy paintings on the concrete, floors, walls, steps and railings. I was messing up the art work as I was walking and stumbling around trying to avoid the fresh paint. I remember stepping on some wet paint of some big jumbo shades that had been painted on some steps and muddying up the painting of the shades.

Then the dream switched and I was at a draft for athletes. In this draft were huge crowds, other athletes and former players drafted. In this draft I was expected to go late first round to early second round. I was a defensive back, a DB. I said to myself in the dream, I have to get my chops up (meaning cuts and leg strength). As I was in the crowds of people waiting for the draft picks to begin, I saw Deon Sanders (Deon Sanders, famous hall of fame DB, who is also a Christian). I told Deon I was expected to go in the later 1st round to early 2nd round. He nodded reconfirming, that is when I would go in the draft. Then right before the draft began the crowd scattered and I then, knew no one around me, as I had previously. 

Then I was around some preppy collage kids who I thought were a bit wet behind the ears and prissy, with their neat college jackets, ties and preppy hair cuts. As the draft started to begin, I became seated between some of these preppy kids. As we sat in the pew a shoe came off my foot and I noticed I was wearing a red slipper type shoe. I then put it back on my foot. The preppy kid seated to my right was much bigger than I, who was 5th in the row. I was 4th in the row, but then became 3rd in the row, as we slid down the row in the seat or pew as they were, and then the dream ended.

I awoke out of the dream like a space cadet and then God began to bring to my memory every detail he showed me in the dream and began to give me its interpretation.

Initially, all I could first remember was the later part of the dream, my being drafted. That is my calling. The position I was playing was Defensive Back, as my ministry is apologetic and defensive in nature. I asked what team would draft me. I was told the Dallas Mavericks, but that is a basketball team. It was the best professional team to describe my calling, that I would have to be a Maverick and ignore the masses of Christendom who are asleep over the prophecies for the US, which are the focus of my calling.

In the dream, Deon Sanders was there to be a witness and a confirming authority of my position and when I would be drafted. When I said to myself I needed to get my chops up, it meant I had to even more prepare for this ministry. I am dealing with correcting deep deceptions on a "pro level", that has lead the church astray in prophecy.

Here is what else I see in the dream. Driving west from Philadelphia, where I'm from, and running into the mountain, is the word of this calling, from Philly (the genesis of this ministry) to the west, where the tsunami , then mega quake will hit. The mountains in the dream were definitely Rocky Mountains and not the Appalachians.  This also signifies that I will have some mountains to overcome to get to where God is taking me.

The 2nd paragraph, with the little girl and her Mom, has to do with this young, 3 year old prophetic watchman ministry, with the 3 year old little girl trying to get the attention of friends, but the Mother, the church, taking the little girl away. This speaks of censorship and unbelief by the church, to the prophecies concerning the US. The woman I once knew as beautiful is the church, but has now become very old with deep aging. The Lord is disappointed with a part of his church in the US. She appears beautiful at first sight, but in the dream, I saw her deep wrinkles only up close, when she grabbed her little girl. She censors and limits buried truths of God's word to succumb to an old reformation that was never completed and prophecy doctrine that is fixated. She is not open and flexible to the newly revealed prophecies and prophetic revelations given direct from Heaven. Though she makes claims to the new wine, she has become dull and old in her senses.

The 3rd paragraph of the guru like ora on the brother getting much attention, has to do with the church giving attention where it is of little use at this prophetic stage of the church and it's modern day immaturity of focusing on men in ministry, instead of the Lord, the word and the purpose.

The 4th part, I am trying to get shoes for the calling. Waiting some time for the salesman is some of the waiting it out to be equipped, but also that it was not yet time to go. Timing in this calling is key because people have very short memories when told what's to come. 

Looking for a shoe that was specifically water proof speaks of the tsunami to come upon the west coast. It,  having to be protective like a shoe speaks of a warning of hard times coming and the road is going to become rough. In the dream I saw work boots, as like a construction worker's, protective of the feet. The lasting and durable like a good shoe is preparation to last through these trials and to be ready and prepared. The shoe had to be a sneaker speaks of both running with this word and also, quickness,  because these prophecies are coming to pass quickly.

The salesman showing me sandal shoes are the pastors of today's churches. They are far too laxidazicle about this prophetic word, like the nature of a sandal instead of a shoe, though heavy duty and enduring like the sandal the salesman was showing me, is not water proof and protective of the feet. Coming upon the shoe display that was enclosed and needing a key to open was my coming upon the shoes I thought I had needed, but the salesman, the Pastors, when calling upstairs for someone to open the display, there was no answer yet, from Heaven.

Being in the new, freshly painted part of the mall, was my calling I was messing up in my attempt to be equipped. I was taking steps too early. Stepping on the jumbo shades and messing up that painting on the steps, were the steps I had been trying to take in being equipped, loosing money in the stock market, trying other ways to have money for the ministry without waiting until the draft. The shades are the eyes of my calling and the steps I was taking was muddying my view. I had to wait, to let it all dry before taking those steps. 

At the draft, when scattered in the crowd getting to their seats, and then alone, speaks of the nature of my calling. I would have to be alone in this calling, as was prophesied over me years ago from prophets, thus, drafted as a Maverick. 

The prissy, preppy kids are indicative of today's American church, kids in the Spirit who think they should be taken high in the draft, but are too socialized and concerning of their reputations. They are not willing to take up the cross, become uncomfortable by the modern American life style they live, very conformist and without risk. The kid much bigger than I sitting next to me in the draft speaks of a greater thing is going to happen , as though this calling and draft is going to birth something much bigger.

My being 4th in the row and then 3rd in the row is the timing of when I'm gonna be drafted (yet to see what this is). 3 + years of waiting? 

The slippers I was wearing are indicative of my being ill equipped for the purpose. The red color of the slippers is a sign to stop and wait, and also of the red alert nature of this calling. It coming off my foot, represented my fears and doubts of the calling, as I experienced late in 2010. In the dream, it was not off my foot too long however.

What I see is that soon, I'm going to be equipped to evangelize this word on another level. With many many signs , I've been lead along to prepare for this, as well as my many mistakes thru the missteps of fresh paint, of trying to become equipped to do this. 

Remembering every fine detail of this 6 part, God given dream is a witness and sign. I never am able to remember the finer details of dreams and also with clear interpretation (for the most part), so this is definitely from God and a faith booster for me!

With this incredibly detailed 6 part, God given dream, I look forward to the harvest to come from this purpose and mission, which I believe will be that much bigger kid in the draft sitting next to me.
Something big is about to be birthed!
In Christ, Weather